Vaideeshwaran Krishnamoorthy, MBA

Vaideeshwaran Krishnamoorthy, MBA

My dream was to get an MBA from an American University to upgrade myself in areas of interest and learn new topics which I have not experienced before. Rutgers EMBA was the program of choice to realize my dream. I value this program for what I learnt, whom did I learn from and how did I learn in REMBA.

What I learnt– a diverse set of modules with depth in the topics covered, cases analyzed, and the learning objectives achieved. Each module adds to a range of skills and knowledge to carry on to our work environment. The program is structured in a way to learn from each module, build and carry the learning to the upcoming modules. The learning is not only about the hard skills, but there is also a lot of opportunity and time on offer to sharpen our soft skills in this program.

Whom did I learn from– Professors who teach the modules are some of the best people to learn from, some of them live the topic every day! They carry a wealth of knowledge and experience into the class. They are keen to interact, share and take away from the class. There is a lot of commitment from the professors to offer REMBA as a unique world class program.

How did I learn– It’s the experience and impact of multiplying the class learning with thoughts, ideas, and work experiences from the class cohort. Between the start and end of the modules, the experience is like taking away a wealth of thoughts and ideas from the class with an added excitement of what’s in store for the next day.

The program is intense and fully packed for 14-15 months. It demands commitment and quality time from the students but what it offers back is a powerhouse experience i.e., the power of carrying knowledge, skills, and people with you, always.


Vaideeshwaran Krishnamoorthy, MBA


Standard Chartered Bank

Rutgers Executive MBA Program, Class of 2021


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"Business in our complex world continues to change and we must stay up with the latest information and learning. Rutgers faculty has been amazing and world class without a doubt. Choosing Rutgers MBA program has been an excellent decision and has immeasurably helped by building on skills I already had and added a wide range of tools and knowledge I never knew existed. Definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."
Wes Graff,
Technology Consultant & Entrepreneur
Rutgers Executive MBA Program,
Class of 2017

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22 May 2020 to 21 May 2024

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