M.Nasir, Ja’apar Jay, MBA

M.Nasir, Ja’apar Jay, MBA

Being an engineer throughout my career has given me minimum exposure on how an organization is being managed, especially in business, financial and other critical areas if you are aiming to climb the corporate ladder.  Desiring to expand my portfolio and wanting to break away from being a “traditional” engineer, I decided to explore EMBA programs.

There were a lot of options that I had considered.  Some are very cost competitive and that could be a major selling point.  However, I decided with Rutgers for several factors that met my personal criteria.  First and the most important factor, the program is being ran by the University itself, instead of through a “middleman”.  With this regard, the students always have a direct contact with the University and all the Professors, even after graduation.  The classroom-based lessons allow me to have constructive discussions between my fellow classmates, across different industries, and with the Professors. The lessons provided a holistic understanding of the business environment and that is truly priceless. The Rutgers EMBA program is indeed demanding in terms of time and commitment but it’s all worth the effort. I was like a dry sponge absorbing every bit of knowledge that I can get, without the slightest regret.  I am so glad to be a Rutgers Alumnus…… and most importantly, being part of the BIG FAMILY. Like I told Prof Langdana before……. “you are stuck with me and can’t shake me off from now on…”

M.Nasr, Ja’apar Jay, MBA

Senior Quality Engineer

3D Metal Forge

Rutgers Executive MBA Program, Class of 2020

Class President, Class of 2020


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"Business in our complex world continues to change and we must stay up with the latest information and learning. Rutgers faculty has been amazing and world class without a doubt. Choosing Rutgers MBA program has been an excellent decision and has immeasurably helped by building on skills I already had and added a wide range of tools and knowledge I never knew existed. Definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."
Wes Graff,
Technology Consultant & Entrepreneur
Rutgers Executive MBA Program,
Class of 2017

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CPE/UEN#: 201019419W.
Registration Period:
22 May 2020 to 21 May 2024

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