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Business Strategy
By Professor Humberto Patorniti

About the subject:

Business Strategy is designed to train entrepreneurs, managers, and business leaders to look outward to the environment and inward to the firm’s resources and capabilities and operating policies.

As such, we describe a firm’s strategy as the formulation of “competitive strategy”, and “corporate strategy”. Competitive strategy involves identifying structurally attractive industries and developing the most attractive position within that industry, where attractiveness is driven by absolute conditions combined with the resources and capabilities the firm brings to that position.

Businesses create value by operating in positions within industries that, by virtue of the characteristics of industry, the position, and the firm, are defensible from the encroachment of competitors and deterioration of the environment as a whole. Corporate strategy focuses on the management and understanding of multi-product, multi-location and multi-business firms.

About the Professor:

Mr. Patorniti’s 35-year career in the hospitality industry has been defined by his passion for leading growth initiatives, building high performing teams, and for growing profitable business for service organizations. His international background, education and business expertise expands across healthcare, retail and offshore oilrig businesses. Bilingual English/Spanish.

Whether as a General Manager, Vice-President or as the CEO responsible for the Sodexo Group in Mexico, Mr. Patorniti’s philosophy has been simple: “Engage your team members and they will accomplish the unthinkable.” In his 7 years as CEO and President, team México tripled revenues, increased cash on hand by 10-fold, and led team México to reinvent the Company’s brand to meet Mexico’s market spending behaviors and consumer preferences. Deeply committed to education, he was the genesis of a partnership with the Mexican Department of Education, to establish an adult degree completion program. This program enabled Sodexo employees and family members who had not been able to complete their Elementary or High School education, to do so.

After retiring from Sodexo in 2013, Mr. Patorniti has not only become more active in business, but has ventured into higher education. As a Rutgers University faculty member and lecturer, he imparts professional wisdom into several graduate level courses at Rutgers Business School, both in the US and Singapore. He continues to be a dedicated mentor to business executives and Graduate students


October 2020, 9:00 a.m. (multiple dates available)
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