Executive Education Faculty

Instructors are selected for their current expertise in specific areas. See some of our faculty member profiles below.

  • Prof Patti Ippoliti
    Prof Patti Ippoliti Dr. Patti Ippoliti is an accomplished business executive, senior consultant and MBA/EMBA professor with extensive global and domestic experience in organizational transformation, leadership coaching and development, organizational development, human resources, talent management, and employee engagement. She is an expert in developing and leading global human capital strategies and solutions that generate revenue
  • Taru Jain
    Taru Jain
    CEO, FutureMarketer

    Specialties: Digital Marketing skills, Digital Transformation as well as Business Life skills and Change management

  • Joe Lombardo
    Joe Lombardo
    Director - Project & Performance Management, ESP Consult & Lecturer, RBSAP

    Specialties: Sustainable performance in supply chain logistics, trade compliance, performance management and capability development for organizational growth

  • Dr Christopher Holmes
    Dr Christopher Holmes
    Managing Director, IDC Insights - Asia Pacific & Lecturer, RBSAP

    Specialties: Industry transformation, the application of new technologies to enhance business processes, and cross-industry learning.

  • Dr Deborah Elms
    Dr Deborah Elms
    Executive Director, Asian Trade Centre & Lecturer, RBSAP

    Specialties: Trade, economic development, negotiations

  • Denise Morris Kipnis
    Denise Morris Kipnis
    Founder & Principle, ChangeFlow Consulting & Lecturer, RBSAP

    Specialties: Big Change, Agility, Leadership, and Inclusion

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CPE/UEN#: 201019419W.
Registration Period:
22 May 2016 to 21 May 2020


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