Executive Education Faculty

Instructors are selected for their current expertise in specific areas. See some of our faculty member profiles below.

  • Taru Jain
    Taru Jain
    CEO, FutureMarketer

    Specialties: Digital Marketing skills, Digital Transformation as well as Business Life skills and Change management

  • Joe Lombardo
    Joe Lombardo
    Director - Project & Performance Management, ESP Consult & Lecturer, RBSAP

    Specialties: Sustainable performance in supply chain logistics, trade compliance, performance management and capability development for organizational growth

  • Stephanie Krishnan
    Stephanie Krishnan
    Executive Director, Rutgers Business School Asia Pacific

    Specialties: supply chain, procurement, business process reegineering, quality system implementation, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship

  • Dr Christopher Holmes
    Dr Christopher Holmes
    Managing Director, IDC Insights - Asia Pacific & Lecturer, RBSAP

    Specialties: Industry transformation, the application of new technologies to enhance business processes, and cross-industry learning.

  • Dr Deborah Elms
    Dr Deborah Elms
    Executive Director, Asian Trade Centre & Lecturer, RBSAP

    Specialties: Trade, economic development, negotiations

  • Denise Morris Kipnis
    Denise Morris Kipnis
    Founder & Principle, ChangeFlow Consulting & Lecturer, RBSAP

    Specialties: Big Change, Agility, Leadership, and Inclusion

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CPE/UEN#: 201019419W.
Registration Period:
22 May 2016 to 21 May 2020


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