The Powerhouse Thought Leadership Series – Mental Fitness Workshop: Harnessing Positive Intelligence for Personal and Professional Success
  • Start06:30 PM - Mar 13 2024
  • Rutgers Business School AP || 146 Robinson Road, #07-01, Singapore 068909
  • 6970 1816

About the workshop:
In today’s fast-paced business environment, executives face numerous challenges that can impact their mental well-being and overall performance. To address this, we are excited to offer a workshop on Mental Fitness, focusing on Positive Intelligence—an approach rooted in extensive research in neuroscience, positive psychology, and cognitive behavioral science. Developed by renowned researcher
and Stanford University lecturer Shirzad Chamine, Positive Intelligence has been scientifically validated to enhance resilience, clarity, and focus, leading to improved leadership effectiveness and overall wellbeing. This innovative approach aims to enhance resilience, clarity, and focus, empowering Executive MBA students and alumni to thrive amidst the demands of leadership and entrepreneurship.

Workshop Content:
The workshop encompasses various key aspects to enhance mental fitness and well-being. Firstly, you will gain an understanding of mental fitness and its significance in executive leadership, along with an exploration of the Positive Intelligence framework for optimizing performance. We will then explore the concept of Positive Intelligence, which involves understanding the different aspects of mental strength and how they impact problem-solving abilities. Practical techniques will be introduced, including practice exercises to develop mindfulness, resilience, and self-awareness. Additionally, strategies for building mental resilience, managing stress, and embracing challenges as growth opportunities will be explored. We will conclude with reflection and discussion, enabling you to incorporate Positive Intelligence practices into your daily routines.


The workshop will be facilitated by Mihala Perezic, our Rutgers EMBA Alumna Class of 2022, a Mental Performance and Career Coach with extensive experience in personal and professional development. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping individuals harness the power of mental fitness for peak performance.

Read more about her work on her website:

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March 13, 2024, 6:30 p.m. Join us for this insightful workshop to unlock your full potential as a leader and entrepreneur. By cultivating mental fitness through Positive Intelligence, you will gain the clarity, resilience, and focus needed to excel in today’s dynamic business landscape.
We look forward to seeing you there!


Admission is free. No. of seats is limited. Reservation on a first-come-first-served basis.
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