The Powerhouse Thought Leadership Series – Market Anomalies
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Professor Suresh Govindaraj

Known in the Executive MBA program as the Grandmaster of Forensic Accounting, Professor Suresh Govindaraj teaches Financial Accounting, as well as Financial Statement Analysis in the EMBA program. The latter course now includes a module on Forensic Accounting.

Professor Govindaraj has published research papers in leading accounting, finance and economics journals. He is also a reviewer for several prestigious academic journals. In addition, he has contributed to business articles published in leading newspapers and business magazines.

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About the topic:

The Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) in its semi strong form says all public information is already priced out by the financial markets. A direct implication of this is that one cannot systematically beat the market (unless you have some inside information not available to the public). Most widely used financial models assume this assertion to be true. However, empirical research has revealed many violations of the EMH. Therefore, collectively they are termed as “Market Anomalies”.

The objective of this lecture is to introduce some of the more famous anomalies to you and how investors could exploit them. This suggests that we still do not have a deep understanding of the pricing mechanism that governs the market, and if the financial markets are indeed efficient as proposed. This has led to recent developments such as Behavioral Asset Pricing Models.

July 10, 2019, 7:00 p.m.

Known in the Executive MBA program as the Grandmaster of Forensic Accounting, Professor Suresh Govindaraj will explain what “Market Anomalies” are and how investors could exploit them, in the upcoming Powerhouse Thought Leadership series.


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