The Powerhouse Thought Leadership Series – Authenticity At Work: Refuting The Either/Or Paradigm
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About the topic:

Some would argue that authenticity is a characteristic that is encouraged by managers and leaders in the workplace. But what does it mean to be “authentic” at work today? Does it mean bringing your “whole self” to work every day? And do people want to do that? Should they? And are there limits to their authentic expression?

Dr. Smith’s research has revealed diverse definitions of workplace authenticity, shedding light on a complex, conceptual landscape. In addition, his research indicated a limited range in which employees feel they can express authenticity (demarcated by self and other-imposed “thresholds”), suggesting both individual and organizational factors contribute to one’s ability and willingness to express oneself authentically at work.

Our discussion will:

1. Highlight existing beliefs regarding authentic expression at work;

2. Provide insights to assist future “authenticity at work” research;

3. Examine what hinders and what helps authentic expression;

4. Discuss the range for authentic expression at work; and

5. Explore why authenticity is viewed as an either/or experience, rather than as more or less.

We’ll also examine the impact of authentic expression on certain workplace outcomes (i.e., job satisfaction, organizational commitment, job performance).

About Professor Jim Smith, Jr. CSP

For over 20 years, hundreds of thousands of people, both national and international audiences of all sizes, have experienced the passion, creativity, storytelling, unshakable positivity and mind-shifting power of Dr. Jim Smith, Jr. CSP.Dr. Jim is a lightning rod in the professional and personal development spaces, creating performance breakthroughs for organizations, teams and individuals looking to improve in the areas of communication, authenticity, personal power, leadership, presentation and/or facilitation skills.

After 14 years in corporate America, and four years working with several training and development and diversity and inclusion consulting firms, Dr. Jim formed Jim Smith Jr. International to help others remove self-created barriers and jump into their BIGNESS. He says that he “disrupts ordinary”. His mother (Nanci Smith), 12th grade high school teacher (Mrs. Brodie), former manager at the Vanguard Group (Kathy Cook) and little league baseball coach (Sam Gallman) fueled his motivational spirit and he continues to fuel others. A personal-power expert and transformational speaker, trainer and coach, Dr. Jim has started a “no excuses personal accountability” revolution. He does this through in-house workshops, public BOOT CAMPs, best-selling books, blogs, coaching and motivational keynotes. Those who have been JIMPACTed say that he has the rare ability to walk the line between direct and encouraging. His teaching and coaching methods have worked regardless of the industry or the country.

Dr. Jim has taken his message to over 25 countries and has taught presentation skills for the Rutgers University Executive and International Executive MBA Programs since 2008. In addition he has worked with and coached speakers, trainers, television and radio personalities in how to make compelling, engaging and “game changing” presentations. He has achieved the National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional designation –a designation that only about 17 percent of NSA members worldwide have earned. His clients include Biogen, Sabic (Saudi Arabia), Accenture, Aflac, Genentech, Jockey, Comcast, KenCrest, The Kimmel Center for Performing Arts, Tweezerman, The American Club (Singapore), Celgene, Western Union, Aimco, Genworth Financial, Metlife and Lockheed Martin.

Dr. Jim has authored three books with his last, The No Excuse Guide to Success: No Matter What Your Boss or Life Throws at You, earning an NAACP Image Award nomination. His Jim’s Journal blog reaches audiences all over the world.

When he’s not JIMPACTing, Dr. Jim serves on the board of Variety the Children’s Charity and helps to raise awareness and support for people on the Autism Spectrum.

January 15, 2020, 7:00 p.m.
Some would argue that authenticity is a characteristic that is encouraged by managers and leaders in the workplace. But what does it mean to be “authentic” at work today? Does it mean bringing your “whole self” to work every day? This presentation will help you better understand the concept of authenticity in the workplace.


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