The Rutgers Executive MBA Faculty

The reputation of the Rutgers Executive MBA Programme is largely the result of the quality of the teaching staff in the program. The Rutgers Executive MBA faculty reflects the international diversity of Rutgers Business School. Faculty members are based in New Jersey or Internationally, and most of them teach on both campuses.

Leonard Goodman

Financial Accounting
Ph.D New York University

Frank McIntyre

Managerial Economics
Ph.D Stanford University

Ramon Henson

Global Leadership
Ph.D University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Suresh Govindaraj

Financial Statement Analysis
Ph.D Columbia University

Mark Castelino

Financial Management
Ph.D CUNY Baruch College

Jonathan Eckstein

Analytical Techniques
Ph.D Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rosa Oppenheim

Business Statistics
Ph.D Polytechnic University of Brooklyn

David Dobrzykowski

Business Statistics
Ph.D University of Toledo

Farrokh Langdana

Aggregate Economics
Ph.D Virginia Tech

Marc Kalan

Marketing Management
MBA Columbia University

Sharan Japgal

Marketing Management
Ph.D Columbia University

Donald Klock

Supply Chain Management
MBA University of Rochester

Lei Lei

Supply Chain Management
Ph.D University of Wisconsin – Madison

Farok Contractor

International Business
Ph.D University of Pennsylvania

Wayne Eastman

Law and Business Ethics
J.D Harvard University

Ian O. Williamson

Organisational Behavior
Ph.D University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

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Miklos Vasarhelyi

Web life and Management Decision
Ph.D University of California, Los Angeles

Barry Karafin

Business Strategy
Ph.D University of Pennsylvania

Aviad Pe'er

Business Strategy
Ph.D University of British Columbia

Humberto Patorniti

Corporate Strategy
MBA Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Jeffrey Robinson

Foundations of Entrepreneurship
Ph.D Columbia University

Ben Sopranzetti

International Financial Strategy
Ph.D University of Illinois

Sengun Yeniyurt

Global Marketing Strategy
Ph.D Michigan State University

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